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Awards For Services to Slashiness [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Feb 2004|10:24pm]

For most eagerly awaited slashiness: Brokeback Mountain. This could have gone to Alexander, but details of slashiness have been sketchy, whereas I am assured that BM will be 'explicit'. Ok, so the casting could have been better. Heath/Jake(Jack? I forget) is okay, but Orli, Brad etc...where were they? Did no one ask them? Were they busy? There should be a rule that only slashers should be in charge of casting.

For rumour that is most upsetting: That Orli will ask whatshername to marry him at the Empire Awards. Luckily, this seems to be only a rumour, since it's not been reported in any 'proper' places, but still...how far can you take this fake girlfriend thing. Too far, apparently. Lij must be distraught...I can only hope, if it is true, that they talked it over first. Still, no justification if you ask me.
thank the judges

[28 Jan 2004|10:09pm]

For best slashy matchmaker: Peter Jackson (for bringing Elijah and Orli together...not to mention the rest of the LotR pairings).
thank the judges

[24 Jan 2004|11:00am]

For determination in getting rid of the girlfriend of the man he's in love with: Matt Damon

For services to slashiness at sea: Master and Commander (I know this will be hotly contested by PotC, but I thought that those boys were far slashier on land than at sea.)

For most amusing unresolved sexual tension: Justin Timberlake and Eminem. (I know, there are tons of others, but these two always make me laugh.)

Note: We need some femslash awards. Where are all the slashy girls? I refuse to use Madonna/Britney or TATU on the grounds of good taste. I'd give Rachel Stevens an award for her video 'My LA Ex', but I don't know if it's reached the rest of the world and I didn't want to leave the rest of you wondering who the hell she was.
thank the judges

The First Ever Slashies [21 Jan 2004|11:03pm]

To get the ball rolling...

For slashiest lyrics: Eminem

'I'm past bluffing, pass the KY, let's get ready for some intense serious ass-fucking!"

"I'm out closet, I've been lying my ass off, All this time me and Dre, Been fucking with hats off (suck it Marshall!)"

For the gayest killing of a large mammal: Legolas

For long, lustful gazes: Frodo (Every LotR film)

For most expected kiss that didn't happen: Frodo/Sam (RotK)

For most slashy public displays: Orlando/Elijah (Tough category, this one. Other nominees include the rest of the LotR cast during any public appearence).

For lifetime services to slash: Mulder/Krycek

For most promising slash that has yet to materialise fully: Clark/Lex

For most slashiness during an award ceremony: Justin Timberlake/Sean William Scott

For being so obvious and probably not meaning to: Eminem, for his duet with Elton John (not to mention the lyrics).

For most extreme action to avoid being seen as gay: Tough one...Eminem did get married and have a kid. Tom Cruise got married too. Lij and Orli both had fake girlfriends. And take your pick from the rest of the male/female population that 'go out with' members of the opposite sex in an effort to distance themselves from slashiness. I think that this category is up for debate.

You get the idea. Don't worry if you want to award the same award to different people. Go ahead. The only rule here is NO HET. Posts of that nature will not even be laughed at, just deleted immediately. (Unless they're really funny.)

Disclaimer: Are you kidding me? Those things save you from absolutely nothing. If they want to sue you/us, then having the prettiest, cleverest, most complimentary disclaimer in the world won't make any difference at all. With that in mind, a message to all those celebrities/characters we might mention...

Who the hell do you think you're kidding?


thank the judges

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